Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pandan Kaya Cake

I've been on a little personal mission to IMPROVE on my recipes.  First, it was the Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins (which, btw are still not good enough because my parents can't seem to taste the orange though I could).

The second, would be this Pandan Kaya Cake. This is the first time I'm making this recipe at home, since the time I obtained the original recipe from a Creative Culinaire course I attended maybe 5 years ago?  I can't remember the steps at all, so I'm really just working on basic understanding of what I think the recipe is saying. :D

The cut out cakes
I didn't do too badly, except I wanted to use the homemade pandan extract I made (and froze), but it didn't seem to work out. I'm guessing we can't freeze these extracts? My cake didn't turn green at all, so I resorted to adding a little pandan paste. :(

The pandan kaya jelly-like filling, which I may have overcooked. :P
For the pandan kaya filling, I just used pandan paste because of what happened to the cake. Lol!

I think I overcooked the filling a little, cos I'm not used to using a whisk to mix custards. I'm more used to using a wooden spoon to test if they're done. Heh. It got a little lumpy as it cooled down a little, so I'm guessing I need to pour it into the mould IMMEDIATELY after it's ready.

Yay to extra pieces of cake!

Since my cake ring ain't tall enough, I had an extra little piece of cake. Which is nice cos I get to taste the cake before others do. :D

INSIDE: Checkered Pandan Kaya Cake
I'm quite happy that the checkered design came through, but I realised I should have sliced each layer thinner and maybe cut into rings of 2 sizes instead so the design is more obvious (and you don't get such HUGE chunks of the pandan kaya jelly).

Got to make it again! ^^

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