Wednesday, October 22, 2014

No Knead Bread - Red Bean Buns with Green Tea Cookie Crust (aka Red Bean Green Tea Melon Buns)

Instead of using up the No Knead Bread by making cinnamon rolls, I decided to switch things up a little and make some Red Bean Buns.

Because I've bookmarked this other recipe - Green Tea Red Bean Melon Buns by Grace - for a while now, I decided to just "copy" the matcha cookie crust.

Unfortunately, the recipe wasn't complete - the recipe said to cream the butter and sugar together, but the quantity of butter to be used wasn't stated.

So, for simplicity, I decided to omit the butter and just add enough flour to bring the mixture together. I think I added too much flour though. But it wasn't too bad.

This is my version of the Green Tea Cookie Crust for the bread. I think I added too much flour. 

RECIPE for Green Tea Cookie Crust

27g Plain Flour {perhaps 25g would be enough}
1/4 Tbsp Green Tea Powder
15g Sugar
15 Egg (I used egg yolks only as I had extra egg yolks left in the fridge)

Mix all the ingredients together to form a dough. Press into flat circles. Glaze the buns with egg glaze and top with the cookie crust. 


Me (I was the only one who ate it because my parents don't like green tea stuff): I felt that the bread was a little tough. The crust could be softer (reduce amount of flour).

The bread could be softer. I'm guessing I didn't fold / seal it properly for it to rise well.

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