Monday, October 27, 2014

Amaranth Orange Chocolate Cake

So, my sis got us some Amaranth Flour from this cute shop that sold flours by weight. Like how we buy preserved fruits (such as sour plums).  It's an interesting concept to me, but perhaps normal in Canada.

That said, I happened to have this Gluten-Free recipe in my "to do" list. And boy was I happy when she brought this flour back!

I made 56% of the recipe since I only had a 6 inch pan (the recipe calls for an 8 inch cake pan). I must have done the conversion wrongly since I ended up with batter to fill one 6-inch cake + 1 muffin cup. Perhaps halving the recipe would have been adequate? (Essentially I got 56% by taking the area of 6 inch pan divided by the area of the 8 inch pan, since I reckon the height should stay constant for the baking time to be somewhat similar.)

To the 56% recipe, I reduced the sugar a little and added the zest of 1 orange.  The addition of orange zest was mainly because my parents dislike chocolate desserts. But I wanted everyone to enjoy the dessert, so the taste of orange got my dad to actually like it (didn't quite work on my mom). We all need little tricks like that to get people to eat what they normally wouldn't. ^^


Loved by all except maybe Mom who doesn't like chocolate desserts too. The addition of orange wasn't enticing enough to get her to have it.

Cyn: Seems to love it. Commented that the texture is good. She felt that the cake was light but yet retanins a rich chocolate taste. The texture reminded her of Japanese sponge cakes which are known to be light.

Jia likes it. Ate quite a lot of it.

Grace Jie and Dad likes it too.

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