Saturday, November 1, 2014

Homemade Nutella (Hazelnut Chocolate)

I've wanted to make Homemade Nutella (or Hazelnut Chocolate Spread) for the longest time. Because those at the stores contain milk, an ingredient to which I'm allergic.

Since I had the food processor out for the ice cream, I figured it was a good chance to test if my food processor could actually make Nut Butters. I wasn't sure it could, even though the manual said it could, because the food processor overheated when I wanted to make coconut butter from dessicated coconut. Perhaps the coconut didn't come out with sufficient natural oils. I don't know!

BUT YES!! My machine works. I love my food processor again. ^^

So, before I could make the nut butter, I had to toast the Hazelnuts. And seriously, they made my house smell super yummy.

The nuts became oily after being toasted. Yumz.

After toasting the hazelnuts, it's time to blend them till they form a smooth paste. (Takes a while. Maybe 10-15 minutes.)

Then, mix in some melted dark chocolate with some neutral oil, salt and vanilla extract, and BAM! All done. Easy peasy. :)

Me: I LOVE IT. The taste of toasted hazelnuts really comes through. I'm so in love.

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