Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Cookies

I made some Chocolate Rolled Cookies using Glorious Treat’s Recipe.

The only change was that I omitted the chocolate liqueur / coffee as I didn’t have any, and replaced the butter with 11g non-dairy butter with the remaining amount filled up by shortening. Only used 11g non-dairy butter cos that was all I had left in the fridge.

The decorating was fun, as it was my first time doing marbling. I loved the hearts, and the colourful squares. Actually, I liked the colourful squares a lot more. :)

Sis thought the hearts’ design where a little indian-ish though.

Ah wells! I should have googled for more ideas! But since I was already sitting in front of the TV with all the equipment in place, I just did the ONE I remembered. Sob sobs!

Packed some for Min for Vday! Hope she likes it!

*Update* Min loves it! She asked for more after finishing the 6 cookies I packed for her!

Zc said it's nice too! At first he thought it was not baked dry enough, but after a few more bites, found it moist and nice. YAY!

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