Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soy Bean Chiffon Cake.... and more chocolate green tea cake

So, tried out another recipe from the Okashi book yesterday! The Soy Bean Chiffon was good, in that it was perfect in the way it cooked and rose. Perfectly flat top, rose very high! What did I do? Use room temp eggs. At least I think this was the deciding factor. But the soy bean part of it, not everyone enjoyed.

And then, I made a "safe" recipe.

I promised Cyn when she finished the chocolate green tea cake on Thurs that I would make more during the weekend. I almost got lazy, but luckily I made it anyway, cos she asked for it! This is rare. The first thing she asks for is the chocolate chip cookie (which she hasn't requested in ages), and this is the second. Tastes like pound cake to her. But it's (obviously) not a pound cake. I wouldn't do with so much fat in a cake. But maybe the additional chocolates I added makes it more fattening.. heh.

Pardon the bad phone camera photo. I was lazy to use a proper camera, especially since I've made this cake tons of times already.

Baked in a round cake pan this round with ALL the batter. That didn't quite work out how I imagined it. The cake rose like a volcano (I cut that away) and took ages to cook - now it's a bit too dry. I think it's best baked in a loaf form or cupcakes.

BUT I really like how tall the cake is. Just a single thick cake. But I guess that's just me... Let's see how I can work around this...

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