Sunday, February 6, 2011

Panda Bread 3

Third Try.

This time, I used Soya Milk Extract from Vitasoy as I had some left over.

The dough was great and easy to handle – neither too hard or too soft. Weather was humid and warm.

However, the panda had pointy ears… :( This is despite me flattening the brown dough on purpose….

I think I need to shape the dough to a squarish shape before letting it rise. Else, the corners will rise to fill the loaf pan and hence causing the pointy ears.

Texture: Like bread. I kneaded the dough properly today. Yay!

Taste: Same as first try

Looks: I actually prefer the first panda bread.. It actually looks more like a panda than the last 2 tries.. Stupid pointy ears!

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