Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nadia's Yogurt cake

I fell in love with Nadia's yogurt cake when I was in Siena. She kindly showed me how to make it then.

I finally got down to buying the yogurt to make the cake today... Unfortunately, I had to hold my breath while making the batter as the smell of the yogurt was horrible! :(

Now I dare not eat the cake as it smelled so milky. In fact, I stood in front of the yogurt for a long time before I set my heart on buying it. Why? Because the ingredient list is: milk, milk solid, live culture bacteria.

Sounds scary! So, gotta wait for sis to come back to eat it...

*update* I eventually ate it.

My review:
The cake turned out dense rather than light. May be because I used normal wholemeal flour found here rather than the fine type Nadia used. Guess I hould have just used all-purp flour or even cake flour. Cake was moist - took ages to bake (like 40-60 mins)

Cake also seemed too sweet - now I can't really be sure if she said 1 cup sugar or 2 cups sugar. Cos 200% sugar in terms of baking % did seem strange to me as I was measuring out the sugar earlier on.

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