Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Been sleeping the whole day, but finally decided to cook up something... Am feeling terribly demoralised as I came to realise that I've been baking for 6 years, but I'm still nowhere! It's kinda depressing. Sorta. But then, I've come a LONGGGG way since the first vegan orange biscuit I made (which was really kind of like a cake but LOOKS like a cut-out biscuit). Haha..

So well, I was looking at BrownEyedBaker's chocolate thumbprint cookies and decided to make some on my own.

As usual, I replaced the butter with something I can eat - this time, it was non-dairy margarine.

I reduced the amount of butter slightly for both the filling and the cookie as I just felt it was too much. For the filling, I basically halved the butter in the filling as it was originally about half the amount of chocolate, which to me is too fattening! :P

It's a shortbread dough, so it is vegan I presume (no eggs). No idea whether confectioner's sugar will have animal products or not though!

Perhaps I shouldn't have reduced the amount of butter... It wasn't as fragrant as I expected esp since the non-dairy margarine had a strong smell. I don't really like the smell of fresh butter, so I assumed this smelled the same. Hah. I was SO wrong.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't super good either. :(

My final review
It wasn't really nice. The cookie didn't have a nice fragrant taste, unlike my bestest choc chip cookies. I guess, for a shortbread, it didn't taste buttery enough. Nuttelex just doesn't have that omph. Plus, this recipe uses no eggs. Vegan I suppose, but not really yummy. :( In fact, I felt as if I could taste the oil, though the cookie didn't feel oily. Strange.

*Update: Min actually really likes the cookie. Heard from Mom she kept eating. I packed the remainder for Min's flight, and she seemed happy. Even ate one at the airport!

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