Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another go at Waffles

I kinda like this waffle recipe I found from

It results in a crispy waffle, although it seems too thin. Had to cook pretty long - like 2 rounds of heating on my cheap $30 waffle iron. (I need a good one!)

Also extremely chewy when cold. But crisps up well if reheated in oven (maybe too well as it was TOTALLY crispy). It seems to shrink and flatten as it cools. Strange.

I like it cos it doesn't have those strange taste other waffle recipes have resulted in. But it is kind of tasteless though I used 2 whole scoops of oatmilk powder to make 1 cup of oatmilk. Perhaps it's still not thick enough. Will put more next time!

Oh yes, I made some brownies today as well. From the vegan book. It didn't use any butter / oil - it used only flaxseed and applesauce. The brownie was extremely dense, but nice and chocolatey. I wonder how I can make it lighter. Perhaps I should have whisked the applesauce more to make it lighter? (not sure if that even works).

Big Sis liked it with the Lychee Martini ice cream from DailyScoop though. It was apparently a "perfect match" in her eyes. I think it's because the ice cream is so good, and the brownie (warmed) gave a nice deep chocolate mix into it. Cos if eaten on its own, the brownie really ain't that good. Let me try it with my Bittersweet Choc Sorbet (made with Cocoa from Japan) tmr...

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