Sunday, January 11, 2015

(Somewhat) Gluten Free Pancakes

The first time in the kitchen since 2015 started! Work's been extremely busy since New Year's Eve. :(

So, my sis brought back a couple of flours back from Canada - Amaranth, Sorghum, Brown Rice Flours - and I wanted to use them up. 

So, great time to get started on Gluten Free food! 

These pancakes were made using a mix of Sorghum and Brown Rice flours (in addition to sweet rice flour and tapioca starch in order to replicate the protein content in all purpose flour). 

The texture was fluffy, though my sis felt it was a little more gritty than pancakes made with normal flour. 

I won't call this a real gluten free pancake as I've come to realise that not all baking powders are gluten free. But apart from that, it's probably not too bad! 

I'll have to play around with the flours a lot more to get less earthy taste and less grittiness?

Till next time! 

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