Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vanilla Chiffon

Dad and Da Jie loved this.

  • Dad: Nice and spongy and light. Complained that the chiffon cakes you buy outside are too fluffy and airy (lots of air pockets) while mine is more "dense but light". I think he meant it's more packed but still feels light. Anyway he likes it, but I think maybe the cake texture is more like sponge cake than chiffon. It didn't really rise very much.
  • Me: Nice. Can taste the egg and slight vanilla taste. As mentioned, texture more spongy than chiffon. The cake didn't rise very much.
  • Grace: Loves it - apparently ate a lot of it as she mentioned I should make more. :) As good as the Green Tea Chiffon it seems!
  • Mom: Not bad.

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