Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chocolate Tahini Cake

Oops! It's not molten! As I had leftover Tahini which has to be used up a month from opening, I decided to try this recipe!

I halved it since I was the only one home and I was really drained after the full-day exam. I baked in mini muffin tins all the way through as the previous few molten choc cakes were horribly undercooked. Baked around 5-10mins. It was spongy when I used a finger to touch the top. I also regretted not lining the pans with paper - I greased with non-dairy butter and they totally stuck. Haha.

Dad: cake is chewy. (ie bad)
Me: I liked the taste of sesame nut paste. The strange thing is that I didn't find it v chewy. I am dead! My tongue is gone!! Too used to crappy food.

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