Sunday, May 8, 2011

White Vegan Cake gone Orange

Wanted to try making a vegan cake that isn't made with chocolate. The chocolate, and chocolate-orange ones were nice with the mousse. But I wanted a plain cake. Something I can just sandwich jam with, or mousse. Or just a base recipe where I can switch things around.

So, I tried this recipe from

In the first try, I halved the recipe, replaced the water with juice of one orange and filled up to 1/2 cup, and added the zest of one orange. (btw the orange was a strange colour though the colour of the juice was normal and smelled normal)

Yes yes, I shouldn't switch up recipes. But I was afraid of vegan white recipes cos they usually don't taste very good.

I also had no plain flour and hence used top flour. Which was a bad idea cos the cake was super crumbly and wayyy too soft. I suppose you need all the gluten to hold the cake up.

Anyway, dad ate like half the cake, possibly cos he was starving. I thought the cake had a strange taste. It was also v moist (not oily thankfully) and overly crumbly.

So last night, I bought some plain flour, and tried to follow the recipe to the T today. Replaced the water with soymilk, as one commenter of the original recipe suggested. I also whisked the batter till it was smooth - and because the cake wasn't bubbling, I added 1 tsp more apple cider vinegar.

Sandwiched the cake in strawberry jam and in the fridge now. Waiting to see what happens...

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