Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Delicious" vegan cake and Cinnamon Bread

Vegan Cake

15 Apr
Ran out of Hershey's cocoa, so used the Japanese Morinaga cocoa powder.

Water was around 260+g which I think is too much if water is 1g per ml.

Was confused as to how much I should mix the wet and dry ingredients cos recipe said to stir till no lumps but I had lumps after a long time. Maybe should use beater.

The cake was a little dense and dark. Didn't rise as well as my first try. Colour was close to what I get with Dutch processed cocoa. Strange!

16 Apr
As I had extra mousse, made orange version of the cake (plus I wanted to figure out what was wrong with yesterday's cake). Same problem with lumpy cake though. Next time, use beater. Cake didn't rise well again. Maybe I didn't mix it up enough.

Smelled great even before baking though - I love the smell of orange. Sliced off the dome of the cake before filling with mousse as yesterday's cake had very little mousse in the centre, which is depressing for me. For the domed portion, I cut the centre portion using a small round cutter to form a tiny cake. The rest, I missed with the remaining mousse to make cake "truffles". In freezer now and I'm too lazy to finish it up. Haha...

Changes to the recipe for orange version:
1. Added zest of two oranges to wet ingredients
2. Replaced water with freshly squeezed orange juice.
Zest of two oranges 15g +
Juice 150g then fill to one cup with water (cos I was too lazy to zest and juice another orange) --> total 229g

Cinnamon Bread
Made cinnamon bread again. Tried to make little cinnamon buns and baked in pie pan. Looks cute. But these few weeks, the bottom of the bread just WON'T get cooked properly. This is insane. And I noticed the oven temperature falls by like 20 deg celsius after baking for a while. It's strange, and the temp can't go back up!! :/

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