Saturday, August 23, 2014

Apple Pie Puff Pastry

We made Sardine puffs again last Sunday. As usual, the can of sardines wasn't big enough to use up all the puff pastry. 

So I thought to myself: Maybe I would make some apple pie? 

I figured if I chopped up some apples and mixed in some cinnamon & sugar, it should taste similar to an apple pie.  I did a quick search online and it seems fine. Ok, actually quite a few recipes required us to cook  the apples with the seasoning first... but I was short of time, and really tired from rolling out all that puff pastry. So, I decided to just chop the apples and throw them into some cinnamon and sugar. *laughs*

I was worried the cinnamon taste wouldn't come through strong enough, so I sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on top. Turned out messy looking.

I also cut 3 little vents on each pie. I wasn't sure why, but I recalled that most recipes I had read about apple pies require cutting of vents. So I did the same. 

But guess what? I really liked the taste of the apple pies. It's refreshing, and I liked that there's still a little chew in the apples. ^^


So fast forward to this weekend... Because my family is on a crazy snacky mood for the 3rd week now, we had sardine puffs and apple pie again. 1 hour after lunch. We are seriously crazy. We were stuffed, but no, we had to snack.

I requested Mom to keep a few pieces for the apple pies and so she decided to use a smaller can of sardines (we were also only using half the puff pastry (got to love puff pastry squares - faster to roll out and you can opt to only use a portion of the entire pack!). 

Glazed, and ready to hop into the oven

Freshly baked

Nom nom! 

I'm actually starting to prefer the apple pie to sardine puffs. Maybe because it's sweet. ;)

However, Mom and Er Jie don't like cooked fruits. So there's no way I can make a big batch of those. Then again, variety rocks. So we'll just continue to make different flavoured puffs. 

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