Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chocolate Molten Cake

I used this Molten Orange Chocolate Orange Lava Cake recipe from Except I made it without the orange zest and used Olive Oil Spread on place of butter. I also halved the recipe since I only have 4 ramekins (recipe needed 6).

So, the batter could make only 3 little cakes.

I baked the first two at the same time as mom wasn't home (wanted to leave the last one for her).

Clearly my oven temperature isn't the same in the entire oven...the cake on the left was more wobbly than the one on the right after 8-10 mins (it was way too wobbly at 8 mins and I left them in the oven for a whole longer... Not sure how long though).

Although I turned the pan around to bake a little more, I felt like the more firm one was almost done after maybe another minute. So I took it out, and left the 2nd one to bake a while longer (maybe 2-3 more mins since we turned out and finished the first cake before I remembered to take the second one out of the oven :p)

The first one could have had a little more time in the oven. It was still wobbly, as the recipe said, and the top seemed to have a crust. But when I tipped the ramekin slightly to the side, the top started to crack and I could see the chocolate oozing out. So, when I actually used a knife to score the sides and tip the cake out, the chocolate oozed out. (Technically it should only ooze out when we cut into the cake).
First cake

The second one, on the other hand, was scarily firm when I took it out. Should have taken it out a tad bit earlier. Good thing was that the cake stayed in one piece when I tipped it out of the ramekin :)
2nd cake

And when I cut into it... it was still molten.
2nd cake cut

I felt it could have been more oozy though. 

A perfect one would be a texture that's in between the two cakes. ;)

And Cyn said it would be better to sprinkle coarse sugar in the ramekin before putting the batter in, so there's a nice crunch. (That's apparently how Morton's make theirs.)

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