Monday, March 24, 2014

Green Tea Chocolate Cupcakes / Biscotti

Out sick today. Woke up with the body unable to quite move, a huge headache plus felt feverish.

I had been craving for cake since Saturday. So in the evening, I decided to bake, since I had practically slept the entire day. And I should be eating something I have been craving, since I am unwell?

The result: a disgustingly bitter cake that was overbaked (and hence super dry).

I am really quite irritated now, as this used to be a recipe that was loved by all. What went wrong? I mean, I know why it's dry (overbaked). But why bitter?? I added the stated amount of sugar.. Unless I changed the recipe previously and forgot to note it down. Gotta experiment again!

Anyways, because the cake was so disgustingly dry, I thought to myself: maybe I can make it into a biscotti, since biscotti simply means "twice-baked" right?

So, I baked at 180C for 10 mins on one side, and 10 on the other (should reduce the time to 5 minutes on the second side as those came out dark brown and tasted slightly charred).

The biscottis didn't taste as bad as the cakes as biscuits are meant to be dry? Lol? But yea the chocolate was still way too bitter. But at least I managed to "save" the cakes! Didn't quite want to waste the ingredients by throwing everything out. :)

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