Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pineapple Tarts for CNY

I absolutely LOVE mom's pineapple jam. Absolutely delicious. So much so, I've decided I just want to eat the pineapple, without the tart. .

Mainly because my tart is dairy free and super tasteless. It also gets crazy moist after a few days in an airtight box. I'm baking 2 batches per time this year, so I get to eat more non soggy tarts.

I'm guessing that happens because my pineapple jam is still quite moist (I like it that way) and hence the moisture seeps into the crust when stored in an airtight box. The thing is, I have no other way to store it, because I'm guessing the crust will get soggy even if just exposed to normal air (it's humid in Singapore). Then again, it may be better than keeping the base stuck in a confined space with the moist pineapples. 

Alright. (Hopefully I remember...) I'll test this out the next time. Heh. 

The funny thing about today's bake is I overbaked the 2nd batch. Luckily it wasn't too charred so I could still eat it. But honestly the base doesn't complement the pineapple jam well. :( The jam is just heavenly. I really want to eat it on its own. 

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