Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

I've made this once when I just started baking, with an allergy on my back. I lost the original recipe but recently (ok, like half a year ago), found a similar recipe with the same name! It has no dairy ingredients in it. JOY! Simply made with flour, sugar, cocoa powder, oil (I used grapeseed oil as I was out of olive oil) and it worked just the same (I think)! Well, hard to tell because this is the first time I've made this recipe.

But.. the reviews were generally good because it's a chewy cookie, with a slight crust around it. More cakey than cookie, in my opinion. Dad would have loved a crispier crust but it was good still. 

My 3 year old niece loved it, as did her mom..

All in all, great! But tad bit too sweet if you eat more than 1 in a row, though I cranked the amount of sugar down almost 30%.  

Till next time! 

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