Sunday, January 23, 2011

Panda Bread 2

It's totally strange.

I did full recipe, but the loaf is still quite small.

I didn't add additional water today so the dough was SUPER dry. I had such a hard time kneading it. Bah.

AND.... I didn't knead the plain dough properly. See that lumpy middle of the panda's face.. And the big hole at the top of the head (see the pile at the top right hand corner).

The next funny thing: I somehow made the ears pointy. Well, the dough was a lot stiffer today. To the extent it was hard to shape. Geez!!!

And... the texture isn't as good as yesterday's.. This is a little heavy and moist. I'm not sure if it's the lack of water or the insufficient kneading....

We are going to see this again....... Maybe on the eve of my birthday where I'm on leave.... Heh..

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